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Pale Orange Bun Bun Spoons 🐰


The Flower is glazed in a yellow pastel glaze.


The most famous spoon design by Mao projects.


🌸Every day kawaii ritual.🌸


Measures: approximately 4 x 1 x 0.4 inches, hold 6.5g of water.


Foodsafe and Microwave safe, handwash recommended. Not recommended for cutting or scooping hard food.



Mao Projects ceramic pieces are handmade and may have minor imperfections, but we see all imperfections as perfect.


All prices are listed in USD.

Sales are final. 



Pale Orange Bun Bun Spoons

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  • Spoon Story

    This design was originally made in a pale pink colour, however, this design has been copied, slightly changed in colour, and mass produced in China in Dec. 2021. Around 10,000+ knockoffs sold within 3-months (It is hard to believe!!). You can still find the mass-produced versions being sold by someone through Aliexpress. 

    Due to the complicated cross-regional situation, we are not able to take any legal actions to protect our design.

    What can be done?

    We started by improving the design of the spoons!

    In addition to the original pale pink colour, we added another colour -grapefruit pink which is a knock-off factory creation. We improved one colour palette and solved the uneven glazing problems that the mass-produced spoon has. We use a dyed clay body, mid-fire stoneware to be of a higher quality and safer functionality. 

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